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Scharf Tech (IT services)

Scharf Tech (IT services)

Ved at outsource din IT til os kan du fokusere på det, der skaber allermest værdi for din forretni

Scharf Instruments

Scharf Instruments

Jammu og Kashmir –Den glemte konflikt

Jammu og Kashmir –Den glemte konflikt

Jammu og Kashmir –Den glemte konflikt Jammu og Kashmir konflikten er et af de ældste emner på dag

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About Me

Still working on myself to be a well-balanced individual

I am still trying to channel my potential in accordance with Islamic values. and continuous working on personality to create myself as well-balanced individual, who is not only skilled in my field but also recognize and fulfil my religious obligations and participate actively in different communities.

Tryin to equip myself with a vision & lifestyle that drives out of the time wastage activities and connects with Allah.

The element of learning, to be well-informed individual, who is aware of the current affairs of the world, having keen insight and possessing the power to express

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Our Features

Receiving Award from President Sardar Masood khan

Many aspects of A personality Business to social work and poetry and literature work and broadcasting
C.E.O SCHARF companies
Books Author
President Tehreek e Kashmir Denmark
Co founder of Beli literary circle Denmark and Ghazali Education Denmark
co founder of CPH TV Copenhagen TV

IT , Instruments and Leather Businesses

Social Projects

Literary work

Still in learning mode
Latest Danish parliament program on TV Dunya TV

What Client Say

Meet us

Come and visit us

Scharf Mode Stjernegade 5c Helsingør
Office and Show room located in Gågade (walking Street) in the middle of city
You are welcome to visit us for personal meeting after having appointment.
For Business meeting write us your field of interest e.g IT , or Scharf Mode
For IT services please visit
For Instruments and Leather Business please visit
For joining our volunteer organizations
please visit following pages
Tehreek -e-Kashmir Denmark
Ghazali Education Forum Denmark
Beli literary and cultural society Denmark
Hardworking , Transparency and Accountability are important pillars for success. Trying our best to give 100 percent in all fields
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Phone Number

+45 123 456 6789


ScharfmodeStjernegade 5c 3000 Helsingør Denmark

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Kashmir –Den glemte konflikt

15 February 2022
Jammu og Kashmir –Den glemte konflikt Jammu og Kashmir konflikten er et af de ældste emner på dagsordenen for FN's Sikkerhedsr

PTV news of Kashmir conference

14 February 2022


14 February 2022
Scharf Mode og Plejartikler will have stall in beuaty 2022 Exhibitation in clollabroation with Dansk Kosmetolog Forening Præsente